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Victim & Witness Services

Victim & Witness Services

Trial by jury before an impartial judge is perhaps the greatest protection against tyranny in our democratic society. A jury composed of citizens from our community impaneled to hear evidence, and sworn to return a verdict that speaks the truth, relies upon the testimony of witnesses in its search for truth. 

As a victim or a witness, you perform a vital role in aiding the jury to understand those facts of which you have knowledge. Your appearances in court will undoubtedly be a hardship, but without your help, the system could not function. My entire staff will help you in any way possible and we thank you for your cooperation.


If you are a victim or witness on a criminal case and need assistance in Spanish, please call (727) 464-6546.

Si usted es una víctima o testigo en un caso criminal y necesita asistencia en español, llame al (727) 464-6546.

Bond Hearings

Some defendants will post bond immediately after arrest and will be released. The holding facility is required to notify you of the defendant’s release for certain felony crimes. If you wish to determine if the defendant has been or may be released from custody, you may contact one of the numbers below for custody information:

  • Pinellas County (727) 464-6369
  • Pasco County (727) 847-5878 ext. 6070

Return of Property

Upon your request, the police will attempt to return your property to you promptly and substitute photographs in its place unless there is a compelling reason for retaining it until after the trial process is over. Questions may be directed as follows:

  • Pinellas County (727) 464-6090
  • East Pasco County (352) 521-4333
  • West Pasco County (727) 847-8158

Dress Requirements

Subpoenas and notifications will remind you that you are required to dress appropriately for the courtroom. Although we live in a casual atmosphere, proper attire is required in Court. Tank tops or shorts would be inappropriate. Courtrooms are usually quite cool, so you may want to bring a light jacket or sweater. If you have any questions about what to wear, please feel free to call the Victim/Witness Management Team at (727) 464-6090.

Deaf Victims / Witnesses

Should a deaf or hard of hearing person need to contact this office weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., they may use a relay service to call Victim/Witness for assistance at (727) 464-6090. After hours, they may use a relay service to communicate with our office through our 24-hour number, (727) 464-6221.

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