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E-Filing and E-service has been fully implemented in all Pinellas County sections and we are E-serving Pasco County Dependency cases. We are able to receive E-service for all court sections in both Pinellas and Pasco Counties. We anticipate phasing in E-Filing and outgoing E-service by court sections in Pasco County criminal and juvenile delinquency soon after the new case management system, STAC, is implemented.


E-service Addresses for the State Attorney’s Offices:

For E-service for all sections except Dependency & Appeals:

For all Dependency cases:

For Appeals:

We only accept pleadings and E-service at these e-mail addresses, nothing else. All correspondence other than pleadings should be mailed to:

State Attorney’s Office
Post Office Box 17500
Clearwater, FL 33762-1500

Telephone number (727) 464-6221


Pinellas County E-Filings & E-service:

Pinellas E-Filings and E-service pleadings are generated through the Pinellas Odyssey case management system through the E-Portal. Attorneys should take note that E-service is sent to the e-mail address designated as the current e-mail address for the Lead Attorney in Odyssey Case Manager (maintained by the Pinellas Clerk of Court). The Odyssey system does not use the e-mail addresses listed at the E-Portal, so it is important that the private attorney’s e-mail address in Odyssey Case Manager is current. There are planned future changes to the Odyssey system to allow more than one e-mail address.

We prefer that you send service via the E-Portal at the same time you are e-filing your document(s). By choosing to serve us through the E-Portal, you don’t need to send a separate e-mail to the State Attorney. Once you have added the State Attorney to your specific case, you may then select us for service when you are E-Filing. You will also then have proof of E-service within the E-Portal. Keep in mind that we will never be on a case in the E-Portal if you have not already added us for service.

Please see the short, three minute video provided by the E-Portal Authority that walks through adding someone to a case for E-service:

We would suggest that once you have found the case you are E-Filing documents for:

  • look under the Service List Tab
  • select "My Added Attorney/Interested Parties"
  • check the box next to ADD OTHER Attorney/Interested Party
  • enter in Last Name: Bartlett and First Name: Bruce
  • click SEARCH
  • check Bruce Bartlett to add us for E-service

Then anytime you file anything else on the case, you may select us for E-service and you will have proof of E-service without additional steps required to email us separately.