Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

The State Attorney, in conjunction with Pinellas County Consumer Protection department, wants to educate the public on consumer issues. No consumer protection program can be effective without an alert, well-informed consumer public. We ask that you assist us in protecting you by increasing your alertness as consumers and by reporting fraudulent consumer transactions to your Consumer Protection Department.

* The Consumer Protection department operates only in Pinellas County, but all educational material and tips are good for wherever you live.

Education is the key:

Learn about the latest consumer scams and reports, and how to file a complaint.

Consumer Information on:

  • Check a business
  • Check a charity
  • Consumer complaint on a business-form/email
  • Consumer protection
  • Consumer protection for youth - quick tips, internet purchases, modeling agencies, car repair and buying first car.
  • Consumer protection for the home owner
  • Consumer resources
  • Contracting
    • Contractor classifications
    • List of Licensed contractors
    • FAQs
    • Contractor complaint form
  • Foreclosure information
  • Identity theft
  • Regulatory
    • Bingo ordinance, moving ordinance, towing, price gouging, fortune telling, adult use establishments
  • Pinellas ReEntry project brochure
  • Post disaster consumer tips

Common Scams:

  • Automobiles
  • Home improvement solicitations
  • Mortgage fraud & foreclosure scams
  • Telephone solicitations

The Consumer Protection department provides three basic services:

  • Consumer Complaint Investigation and Dispute Mediation
    To ensure efficient complaint handling, consumers are required to file their complaints in writing or online. A complaint can be filed simply by filling out the Consumer Complaint on a Business online, by email, or by sending a letter outlining the problems encountered to:

Pinellas County Consumer Protection
14250 49th St. N., Suite 1000, Room 2
Clearwater, FL 33762
(727) 464-6200

  • Consumer Protection Law Enforcement
    The State Attorney prosecutes criminal violations of Florida consumer protection statutes. In-depth investigations of consumer fraud are conducted under the direct supervision of the Consumer Fraud Prosecutor.
  • Consumer Education
    Please review the consumer information website for educational materials to help educate yourself on scams and solicitations. Consumers must be aware of their rights and obligations in the marketplace. They must constantly be alert to the various schemes aimed at defrauding them.

The majority of Pinellas County business operators are honest, hard-working professionals, sincerely interested in keeping their customers happy. There is, however, a small but very active minority of business people who are not the least bit interested in customer satisfaction and who resort to fraudulent, unfair or deceptive practices to maximize their profits. Unfortunately, the Florida Suncoast is also a favorite target of fly-by-night swindlers and itinerants who often pass through leaving a trail of unhappy victims before local law enforcement agencies are even aware of their presence.