DUI Rehabilitation of Offenders Program (D.R.O.P.)








A Diversion program for rapid resolution of first-time DUI offenses

The State Attorney has instituted this supervised, comprehensive program for first time, misdemeanor DUI offenders. This is a voluntary program that involves the statutory DUI sanctions, including any recommended substance abuse treatment and frequent, random testing for substance abuse. Any recommended sanction and disposition are subject to approval of the Court.

Eligibility Criteria

Please read the documents linked to this page carefully for all program details. Eligibility is determined by the State Attorney’s Office after submission of an application to participate in D.R.O.P. 

A defendant can be eligible for D.R.O.P. if:

  • No cases involving Defendants with a breath or blood sample over 0.150 B.A.C.; no B.A.C. extrapolation is permitted
  • No cases involving crashes with bodily injury or significant property damage, or cases that involve minor children in the Defendant’s vehicle
  • No cases involving Defendants with accompanying or pending felony charges or on any form of supervision
  • No cases involving Defendants with prior commission(s) of similar offenses or who have received prior traffic-related diversion programs
  • No cases involving Defendants who did not have a valid driver’s license at the time of the offense or have a CDL.

How to apply

There are Two Tiers of the program. Applications and other required documents are listed below. Applicants must complete the three requirements and submit documentation to the Office of the State Attorney to be eligible. For the program's specifics, please see the DROP Program Information (PDF).

Things to know

The 20 Community Service hours must be completed and cannot be bought out. If you live in another county or state, you must complete the 20 Community Service hours at an equivalent location in your county or state.

Bring the DUI Program Class Verification Form to DUI School. The program provider/instructor should document your successful completion of the education component of the DUI School. You are responsible for submitting the completed form to the State Attorney’s Office for consideration.

Downloadable Forms

  1. DROP Application (fillable PDF)
  2. Statement of Prior Record (fillable PDF)
  3. One of the following, depending on whether defendant is represented by an attorney.
    1. Unrepresented defendants: Written Plea of Not Guilty and Waiver of Speedy Trial (fillable PDF)
    2. Represented defendants: Waiver of Speedy Trial (fillable PDF)
  4. DROP Class Verification Form (fillable PDF)



Have questions?

DUI cases occurring in Pasco County

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Dade City: Contact Scott Rosenwasser at 352.521.4331

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DUI cases occurring in Pinellas County

Contact either Ben Kanoski at 727.464.6786 or Amelia Hummel at 727.464.6786

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